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Winter Warrior - All-Purpose Moisturizer Balm

Winter Warrior - All-Purpose Moisturizer Balm

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Pickle's Winter Warrior is an amazingly handy all-purpose skin balm in a convenient twist-up tube.

Now, you can select with or without zinc oxide for added sun protection.

Pop it into your jacket pocket for portable moisturize on-the-go!

Whip it out on the slopes, or on the ice, to protect and soothe your chapped lips, cheeks, or hands!

Made with chia seed oil, tamanu oil, mango butter, and coconut oil, this balm supplies instant moisture and relief from cracked, chapped skin.

Apply as needed!

Original Winter Warrior ingredients:

*unrefined cocoa butter
*mango butter
*organic extra virgin coconut oil
*babassu oil
*unrefined tamanu oil
*meadowfoam (provides natural protection from the elements)
*chia seed oil
*castor oil
*healing oil blend with botanical infusions of: calendula, plantain, comfrey, and lavender.
*Vitamin E
*Roman Chamomile essential oil
*Lavender essential oil
*Geranium essential oil
*Cobaiba balsam essential oil
*Bergamot (bergapten-free) essential oil

Winter Warrior with Zinc Oxide:

*local beeswax
*mango butter
*babassu oil
*meadowfoam oil
*rice bran oil
*unrefined sesame oil
*non-nano zinc oxide
*vitamin E
*balsam fir essential oil
*sweet orange essential oil

.5oz in a twist-up tube.

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