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"Eczema Elixir" Skin Salve

"Eczema Elixir" Skin Salve

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Pickle's favorite balm is called the "Eczema Elixir". It is a soothing blend that can help troubled skin. I started making this because my daughter has terrible skin and eczema, and the doctors were so quick to prescribe steroids. I hated the idea of putting such harsh medications on my little girl's tender skin!

From my extensive research and many herbal courses, I learned that there are some very amazing natural remedies for eczema, and have blended and mixed and developed this potion that has been known to be healing and very soothing for irritated skin.

Some of the other great natural treatments for eczema are oatmeal soaks, magnesium baths, probiotics, gelatin-rich foods and using a topical healing salve.

This incredibly healing balm may be ideal for eczema and rashes and has been helpful for psoriasis sufferers too. It is formulated specifically for those who have suffered from difficult, tender, sensitive, and irritated skin like my daughter.

It contains:

- local organic pastured heirloom lard (I render this myself from a friend's beautiful organic farm)
- nettle infused grapeseed oil
- calendula infused apricot oil
- burdock infused camellia seed oil
- Nordic Naturals food-grade cod liver oil
- raw shea butter
- unrefined cocoa butter
- babassu oil
- organic extra virgin coconut oil
- evening primrose oil
- flaxseed oil
- oat oil
- natural vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol)
- vitamin D.
- non-nano zinc oxide
- local raw honey
- lanolin
- local natural beeswax (unrefined)

- essential oils for healing and antibacterial benefits: tea tree, carrot seed, lavender, frankincense, myrrh, bergamot, geranium, palmarosa, Roman chamomile, thyme, and copaiba balsam. This balm has a .3% total ratio of essential oils, which is well below the maximum topical ratio for salves and balms that are used regularly.

This potion contains an impressive amount of GLA, DHA, and EPA fatty acids that work to soothe inflammation and promote cell development. Lard is full of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins to promote skin health. Cod liver oil is also full of essential omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce inflammation in the body and lead to healthy cell development. Besides the DHA and EPA fatty acids, cod liver oil is also rich in vitamin A and vitamin D. Cod liver oil contains more of these vitamins than other fish oils.

This listing is for one 4 oz glass jar of Eczema Elixir.

This can be a very effective and healing butter and has done wonders for many of my customers (and family!). Apply anywhere you have rashes and patches. Do not apply to open wounds.

All Pickle's Potions are made with non-GMO ingredients, and as organic as I can find. There are never any added synthetic ingredients, no alcohols, no parabens, no sulfates, no synthetic fragrances, nothing not found directly in nature.

This item is not meant to replace the word of a doctor. Please consult a doctor before using on severe problem areas. Pregnant or nursing women should consult their doctor before using products with essential oils.

Please use within 6 months of opening and store away from heat sources.
There are no artificial fillers or binders or preservatives in this product. If this arrives softened, please place upright in the refrigerator for an hour.

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