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Organic Bath Salt Soak

Organic Bath Salt Soak

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Luxurious Bath Salt Soak with all Organic ingredients.

Relax in a delightfully warm bath with this soothing bath soak made with pink Himalayan Sea Salts, Epsom Magnesium Salts, Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Dendritic salt, Coconut Milk Powder, extracts of bamboo and hibiscus, plus the option of dried aromatic botanicals: rose, lavender, calendula, and chamomile.

There are several essential oil options to choose from:


Without added botanicals


∞ Lavender + Lemongrass

∞ Citrus Bliss (grapefruit, sweet orange, bergamot, petitgrain)

∞ Naked (no essential oils)

∞ Custom Blend (contact me)


With botanicals


∞ Lavender + Rose

∞ Citrus + Fir (balsam fir, sweet orange, bergamot)


Scoop 2-4 spoons of these salts directly into your tub or put them in the enclosed muslin bag (to keep botanicals out of your bath water for easy clean-up).

Relax and unwind in your soothing bath for 20 minutes or more.

After you're finished, apply Pickle's body butter for an added boost of moisture and pampering.

This listing comes in a variety of options:

8oz plastic jar
20 oz plastic jar
or a 10 oz Victorian Square Glass Jar.

Botanical options include a bamboo spoon and a soft, reusable cloth bag.

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