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Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

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WINNER of the BEST ANTI-AGING PRODUCT at the US Global Makeup Awards 2022, and the Editor's Choice in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021!

Why include hyaluronic acid in your skin routine?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance in our skin that decreases as we age. It holds more than 1000x its weight in water and is a humectant, which means it draws water from its surroundings and holds on to it. This is a BIG DEAL as HA rehydrates skin for a plumper appearance, which in turn can help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Hydration isn't the only benefit of HA, as it also...

  • Protects the lipid barrier and increases your skin's resilience to the elements, and...
  • Stimulates cell health and regeneration.

All good news in itself! BUT, Pickle's HA formula offers EVEN MORE POTENTIAL BENEFITS due to the ADDED HYDROSOLS AND EXTRACTS, click on 'Key Benefits' for more details!

This serum contains pure hyaluronic acid at a 1% concentration, with both high and low molecular weight, so it provides the full spectrum of benefits.

1oz treatment pump, cobalt blue glass bottle.

Feel: Liquid, absorbs quickly.

Color: Clear.

Aroma: Light (cucumber and sweetgrass undertones).



Distilled Maine spring water
Sweetgrass hydrosol
Cucumber hydrosol
Short chain hyaluronic acid
Long chain hyaluronic acid
Gingko biloba extract
Gotu kola extract
Korean ginseng extract
Sea kelp bio-ferment
Optiphen plus (natural preservative)


Key Benefits


Each molecule of Hyaluronic acid can hold 1000x its weight in water, this plumps up skin cells, which can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and support a healthy skin barrier.

Cucumber hydrosol can help with toning, tightening, firming, and reducing oily skin.

Sweetgrass hydrosol has antiseptic properties, and is used to freshen and tone the skin. 

Ginko contains many antioxidants, which can help with wrinkles, fine lines, oily skin, and clogged pores.

Gotu kola contains many amino acids and beta carotene, and can boost collagen production and calm inflammation.

Sea kelp bio-ferment is LOADED with nutrients. It has vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, and E! It is also packed with chlorophyll and amino acids and helps fight the effects of aging skin.

Ginseng is a long-time used Asian herb that is packed with phytonutrients that can help tone and brighten the skin.


This lightweight serum is perfect for application after cleansing and toning, when your skin is still slightly moist, before your serum and moisturizer goes on. Use dime-sized amount daily AM and PM. 

Do not apply to open wounds and be careful when applying around eye area.

As with all topical products, we recommend you spot test before use by applying a pea-sized amount and waiting 24 hours. If you experience any skin irritation, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist if necessary.

This item is not meant to replace the word of a doctor. Please consult a doctor before using on severe problem areas.

Please use within 6 months of opening and store away from heat sources.

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