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'Apollo' Men's Anti-Aging - Daily Face Oil

'Apollo' Men's Anti-Aging - Daily Face Oil

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My husband has been using the facial serums for several years now and asked me to create an oil that was more 'masculine' smelling.

Introducing Apollo, a rejuvenating and nourishing facial oil blend that is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This light oil serum absorbs very quickly and leaves no greasy after-feel (just use an appropriate amount).


This facial oil has been formulated with a blend of healthy, rich components that have historically used on the skin to promote cellular regeneration and assist in skin health.

Precious essential oils are added to the blended oil base.

The essential oils are at a .05% total concentration, which is the maximum ratio recommended for facial care.

Blend description:


This is so nourishing and soothing, your skin will drink it in!
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