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All the Itchies Balm

All the Itchies Balm

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Natural soothing balm for brown tail moth, duck itch,  bothersome plant-contact, black fly, you name it! It can help soothe all of those itchies.

Balm comes in either a 1oz or 4oz black reusable tin. 


local beeswax

coconut oil

infused rice bran oil (jewel weed, lemon balm, yarrow, rose, chamomile, nettle, willow bark, lavender)

Zinc oxide

bentonite clay

colloidal oats

essential oils (tea tree, lavender, lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol)

extracts (aloe, nettle, calendula, oats, chamomile, elderberry)


texture: rich creamy, slightly green balm

scent: minty, herbal

use as needed, avoiding eye area and open skin/blisters. 

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