Aromatherapy Bracelet Diffuser Oil Box Set for Kids
Aromatherapy Bracelet Diffuser Oil Box Set for Kids
Aromatherapy Bracelet Diffuser Oil Box Set for Kids
Aromatherapy Bracelet Diffuser Oil Box Set for Kids
Aromatherapy Bracelet Diffuser Oil Box Set for Kids

Aromatherapy Bracelet Diffuser Oil Box Set for Kids

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Meet Pickle's Mantra Monsters!
'Nip-Nip, Leo, Darla and Bonzo' are four cute, inquisitive monsters working on their emotional intelligence and growth mindsets.

Choose from 2 blends crafted with High Quality Therapeutic Grade essential oils:


'Nip-Nip's Calming Oil'

Jojoba Oil - added as a carrier oil for the essential oils.
Cedarwood - reduces stress, helps with anxiety and soothes mood.
Sweet Orange - assists in relieving negative emotions and promotes positive feelings. Helps dispel anger and depression.
Vetiver - helps with feelings of stress, anger, anxiety, and irritability.
Lavender - calming, soothing, relaxing. Reduces stress.
Mandarin - calms emotional distress and situational anxiety.
Bergamot - improves mood and reduces symptoms of stress.
Palmarosa - comforting, helps balance emotions and relieve feelings of stress.

'Bonzo's Focus Oil'

Jojoba Oil - added as a carrier oil for the essential oils.
Lime - known for uplifting, balancing, and energizing.
Pink Pepper - helps with focus.
Grapefruit - uplifting, balances mood and emotions.
Cypress - relieves stress.

To Apply Oil:
Remove bracelet, locate the lava beads (they are porous and have small holes) and add 1-2 drops of blend. Allow to soak in for several seconds, dab lightly with clean paper towel (or your fingers) to remove any excess oil. Put on bracelet.

As these essential oils are diluted with a carrier oil, they can be worn directly on skin. However, it is always advisable to perform a skin patch test by applying a drop to the inner forearm or back in the rare case that sensitization to a particular oil might occur.


The cheery, colorful diffuser bracelet designs are all vetted and endorsed by my own children and their friends and are made with a selection of beautiful semi-precious stones, wood and glass beads which are knotted together with waxed cotton cord.

They are constructed with an adjustable sliding knot closure and should fit children between the ages of 3 - 10.

Additionally, each bracelet includes a 'focus bead', which is a larger bead that not only adds character to the piece but may also act as a starting/end point for meditative practice (more on this below).

A benefit of knotting the beads is that the bracelet is much less likely to snap, which seriously diminishes not only the potentiality of choking situations occurring, but also the likelihood of sadness caused by beads suddenly scattering across the floor! That being said, these are small parts and are not recommended for children below the age of 3. Please, advise your child not to suck or chew on their bracelet.

As these bracelets are handmade with natural components, each is unique. Stone beads vary in pattern and color, as do wood and glass.
Designs are available on a first-come-first-served basis, and will be updated as they are sold and created. Please check out the images for the current available designs and select the corresponding number/s of your preferred piece/s.


The four cards included with this diffuser set, are intended to help answer any questions children might have regarding the oil and beads and how to use them. I recommend that parents/caregivers sit with their children and go through each card together:

'Nip-Nip' asks - "How are you feeling?"
Card Back: Fun activity where the child matches emojis with their corresponding emotions.

The ability to label, recognize and express our emotions is important in order to get a grip of them, a process Dr. Daniel Siegel refers to as "name it to tame it" ('Parenting from the Inside Out'). Awareness of our feelings and how they can affect our responses is the first step upon a path leading to self-control.

'Bonzo' asks - "What's in my oil?"
Card Back: Illustration explaining that the oil is derived from plants, fruits and flowers, and imparting the notion that the scent can affect one's mood. It also teaches kids that lavabeads are volcanic.

The next two cards are intended to introduce children to the idea that we can manage our emotional responses through active, positive self-talk...

'Darla' asks - "What's a mantra?"
Card Back: Suggests some affirming age-appropriate mantras, encourages kids to reflect and come up with a personal mantra that suits them, and introduces the idea that repeating such words to oneself regularly can promote a growth mindset.

'Leo' asks - "How do I use my beads?"
Card Back: Words and diagrams that explain a 3 step mindful practice.

"Studies have found that a mindfulness practice can help reduce symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety in children. It can also increase gray matter density in regions of the brain involved in emotional regulation" (Psychology Today).

"From the moral as from the intellectual point of view, the child is born neither good nor bad but master of his destiny" - Jean Piaget
"You’re in charge of your mind. You can help it grow by using it in the right way" – Carol Dweck


These products have not been reviewed by the FDA and are not intended to treat any serious medical conditions.